Monday, January 7, 2013

That last blog post was about the last thing I did before I went DOWN-most of my family has been suffering with the flu since Christmas.  It's been a blast.

My brothers were coming home from a movie Christmast night and they started getting sick-my Dad was already sick, but seemed to get their symptoms as well.  My poor mother was taking care of all 3 of them; she thought it was a virus, but didn't pick up on their symptoms as being flu.  I felt something go deep down into my chest on the night of the 27th.  I had been sneezing for 2 days, but it went deep and I knew I was in trouble.  All 4 of us had fevers, chills, runny eyes, congestion, cough, and lots of aches and pain.  Terrible pain!  My Dad ended up on antibiotics for lung congestion, my one brother had to have sterroid shots and abx for bronchitis, today, pneumonia....  My poor Mom went down around New Years Eve and still feels horrible.  I started feeling better on the 2nd; it is now the 7th? (can't believe it)  I am still coughing, my face is still red and rough from tissues, I still have no energy most of the day...this is the worst.  Really.  We had a miserable Christmas break-didn't see my family since Christmas day, I spent 5 days in bed with chills, and guess what?  I HAD MY FLU SHOT.  I didn't make the connection that it was flu until I talked with my friend around New Year's Eve.  She and her family were supposed to fly back east right after Christmas to see her sister's new baby.  They ALL got sick and had to postpone their flight/trip.  That's when I started to see more than just my it's all over the news!  It was seriously terrible.

My husband escaped somehow.  And thank you God, my children stayed well.  I am still nervous that they will be going back to school tomorrow and get it.  I sure hope not.

I feel terrible that my kids had such a bum break.  I think it was on the first, I finally begged my husband to take them to the movies.  They enjoyed that, and kept telling me that they didn't mind not doing anything.  They kept saying they were enjoying relaxing, sleeping in, etc.  But I still felt bad.

This weekend they had their recital for Irish Dance.  My little one (10 1/2) is a champion, and this year performed with the champions.  It was fabulous really-my oldest still got to perform with them as well, since she is at that level in class, but she didn't get to do solos.  My mother was able to drag herself over there for the recital  as well.  They had 7 hours of dance that day-they are such troopers!

They next day since their performance was over, I wanted to take them to an outdoor ice skating rink.  Apparently so did everyone else that lives around here!  It was crazy!  Oldest hadn't gone in a while, and had a bit of a struggle with it (she was teeny small last time, even though it was just 2 years ago).  Lu picked it up fast and seemed to have no trouble with it-not too surprising.  She is very athletic.  Oldest fell one time really hard-thankfully I didn't see it.  I just saw a girl her age helping her up (very sweet, so thankful for that).  She was covered with snow and it hurt-her knee and hip are bruised. :(  After sitting with me for a while, she got the nerve to go back out...only to have an extremely large boy (adult man sized), run into her and knock her down.  We left soon after that!

My girls go back to school tomorrow!  It's going to be a long hard day for them.  Oldest has chamber orchestra so it's out the door at 6:45. :(  I should get to bed here myself so that I can deal.