Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have been spoiled here the last few days with a taste of fall!  We even had a day of rain-I can't even remember the last time it rained here.  Seriously, I think it did around the 4th of July when we were in Chicago, but prior to that it had to be last fall.  No real rain in the spring, and one day in the summer???  It's been rough!  But we had a few days below 80, and I am so ready!  I even started to get my Halloween things out today!  I love Halloween. :)

We had a good weekend at the Irish dance competition; both my girls placed in the trophy special for their group.  It's fun-they got a piece of crystal and got to stand on the podium, but it doesn't count.  Miss Lu placed 3rd in her championship-she got her first sash!  I was soooooo happy for her.  Miss Pie got several placings, but nothing that put her into championship with her sister. :(  I'm not sure she really cares; at this point I think she's enjoying collecting trophies (she's won the last two at the last two competitions), and when she does move up it will be a while before she places.

So unfortunately tomorrow is supposed to be pushing 80, and my oldest child's middle school is having a fund raiser than involves running!  :(  Poor Pie!

I just remembered that for whatever reason, we have a 3 day weekend this weekend!  Woot!  I would really like to make some progress with my Halloween bins-I got out about 4 and some are lights and costumes that I can't do anything with at this point.  It looks like Halloween exploded in my living room!

We made Angie's (from Echoes of Laughter) Caramel Apple Dip tonight (Decandent Apple Dip).  Wow!  It was really good-although I did not use Skor toffee bits because I don't like toffee!  I crushed up some peanuts and we used that instead.  Yummy for sure!  I think we ate about 6 apples! :-O

Looking forward to the weekend!

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