Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Chicago Pics

 Here are a few more pics while I am thinking about it.  The girls and I have to make a run to the city (about 1 hour+) to get my oldest some hard shoes.  She is growing like crazy, and her soft shoes, which fit, are an entire size smaller than her hard shoes!  She hasn't been wearing them for a few months because I was making her wear tennis shoes in class due to her tendonitis.  Hopefully her foot is well enough to start wearing shoes since she has a summer intensive next week! :/

We went on a sunset cruise out on Lake Michigan while we were in Chicago.  It was very touristy but still fun.  I'm not sure the kids enjoyed it that much, but I found it relaxing and a great opportunity to get some really awesome pictures. 

The other is a cute shot from the steps of our hotel on the 4th.

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