Saturday, July 14, 2012

Too Much SUN

Today I spent about 10 hours out in the hot-a$$ sun.  In the summer.  It was about 97 degrees and just hottttttttttttttttttt.  I really hate summer.  The only reason I agreed to this was because it's a once a year competition that my girls do for irish dance, and they always do good at it.  So I hated to miss out on a good opportunity.  And I am soooo glad that we went!  First off, yesterday I found (to my horror) that I had not registered Lulu properly.  She is 10 and my higher up of the two dancers-she is already in preliminary championship, and has competed in 3 competitions and not placed once.  This coming from the kid who swept when she was a non-champ.  It's been a hard road for her.  So my poor Mom has been slaving over redoing the skirt on Lu's dress for the past week, and here I had probably screwed it up and she wouldn't be able to dance.  I was so upset I actually cried.  But their teacher reassured me via email that all would be fine-and thankfully-it was.  Although she still didn't place in the overall championship, she did better than she ever has before.  AND, I begged her to change her trophy special step to one that she and her sister did together for a show that looked fabulous--and she got a 3rd place and a trophy.  I've been nagging the heck out of her telling her to keep her head up, shoulders back, hands straight--I know she's wanted to punch me.  But she is doing so much better and I'm so glad. She was in a rut where she acted like she could never place again-I hope she has more confidence and is over all that!  Her skirt doesn't show the sparkles and pretties in the material, but you can see that my Mom did a fabulous job.  Thanks Grammy!

Her sister had a great day too-since she is a non-champ still, she has to do the required 4 soft shoe dances, and 3 hard shoe dances.  Although she didn't get either of the 2 that she needs to move up to Lu's level, she still got (3) First places, a third and a 4th.  She also placed 2nd in the trophy special for her age.  she was really happy about that!  She had a really long day-had to be there at 9 for us to set up our tent, then Lu danced at 10, then Pie wasn't scheduled to dance until about 12:30.  It was so long, but she looked confident and did well.

But it was soooo hot.  And so long.  We all got a little sunburned (not the dancers, husband, Mom and me), but I'm so glad that they went and did well.  I'm going to try to get some rest now because I barely slept last night worrying that Lu wouldn't get to dance or would have another bad day.

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