Sunday, July 1, 2012


We took a lesson from a friend and decided to decorate our car for our road trip!  It was nearly 100 degrees outside so we had to wait until it cooled down to the low 90s!  The girls got really carried away with it.    I hope we won't be regreatting this all day tomorrow when we are driving!  Lu was sick (well had a cold) earlier in the week.  We were afraid that her sister would get it too, but so far she has not.  Lu is feeling better too thank God!  My parents will be coming over daily and taking care of our animals.  Tomorrow is going to be such a long day-15 1/2 hrs.  We have to stay at a certain hotel for the competitions, or we incur $100/dancer/day facility fee.  The place we booked at under the rate was I think $159.  We hotwired the area for the 2 days prior and guess what-got the same place for about $90/night.  :/  We will have Tuesday and most of Wednesday to be tourists.  Not sure what exactly we will do-we are right near the Navy Pier so we hope to do that, and maybe make it to the "beach".  The girls have practice Weds evening, then dance Thursday.  They are doing team dances only and I will be thrilled if they place PERIOD.  They placed 3rd at their Regional Championship, but have had 6 more months to practice.  It would be really nice to place.  I won't have access to update, so I will be gone until Saturday, which BTW is the day my oldest BABY turns 12!  I just can't even believe that.  In some ways she is already such an old soul.  And in other ways, well you have to know her to get that.  She still gets food all over her face when she eats.  She still is very young at heart and hilarious.  I love that kid so much!

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  1. The car decorations look great! Only hope some other team car sees you on the way!! Ha! Best of luck to the girls!!