Friday, June 29, 2012

We have finally been up to so craftiness around here!  My girls are attending the North American Irish Dance Championships next week.  One of the Moms had the idea of each girl creating "spirit" stuff for a team mate-my kids each made a poster and a banner.  My youngest wanted to do a pennant, so I helped her create the basic shape, and let her use my Slice for the letters.  My oldest wanted to go all out Irish, so she picked the shamrock shape for her banner.  They both turned out great!  I love it that they are old enough to do these things (mostly) on their own, and I love it that they enjoy doing crafty things.  Maybe their crafty endeavors will turn out more successful than their Mother when they are adults!

My youngest is actually not feeling very well.  She's better today than yesterday, but still kind of coughy and ick.  When they had their regional Championships back in November, she was actually running a fever the day of their solos.  She still qualified, but has declined to dance her solos or Nationals.  She will only be dancing team stuff with her sister.

There is a Mom of one of the girls on the team who had reallllllly cute shirts made.  They turned out wonderful!  But I wanted to make them shirts too, and I did that tonight (with a little help from my Mom, the Crafty Queen).

She had the computer paper where you print out the shirt (IN REVERSE.  Didn't get that the first time), then iron on the image.  I bought cheapo white shirts from Tar-jay and followed the directions religiously.  They turned out really well.  I will make sure to get a picture of the girls before practice tomorrow morning.  I kind of feel bad that I didn't make a few more for their favorite friends on the team, but I really didn't want to make 12!

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  1. I hope you are safe from the fires! I am sure that your girls will have a blast at dance camps and competitions! Take care and Happy 4th! Angie xo