Friday, June 22, 2012

Today was really really hot again!  99 I think.  And I haven't been able to much of anything crafty lately which makes me sad.  I did cook some non-bake cookies (which were good but so loaded with bad stuff!), and they didn't form quite right.

Mostly I've been doing not fun stuff.  Yesterday the girls and I were loaded up in the car, pulling out of the driveway, when I immediately noticed that somthing wasn't right.  Flat tire.  Husband was at work, it was 98, and I can barely lift the tires for my jeep, let alone change one. :/  My husband has a pickup from 1992 that he only uses for hauling stuff; I generally avoid driving it because it is not automatic (!!!), and I have terrible trouble putting it into reverse.  But I decided that since it was miserably hot, the girls and I were dressed and sunscreened for the the pool we would go!  It was a little freaky-the truck immediately went into reverse, but I think it died at the end of our driveway about 4 times.  The girls then declared me "brave" (which I loved), and off we went!  The car did fine until we got to a very busy intersection where I have to make a left turn.  I stalled out on my very fast arrow, but was fine after that.  I weenied out and parked at the end of the street so I wouldn't have to put it in reverse to get home, and had a smooth ride home until I stalled out yet again at the entrance to our driveway!

Here is the truck that got us to and from the pool.  My girls lovingly refer to it as "Clunky Junky" because it rattles and sounds, well, old and junky! (Sorry husband!)  They also said that we were Redneck Women when we were driving it. 

The last wonderful fun, not so pleasant thing that has been taking up lots of time, was what I woke up to this morning (have pictures but will totally spare the blog).  Skid marks on my carpet, right around my bed.  I have 3 cats with long hair, and from time to time, a "hanger on-er" getst stuck in my cats' britches.  I am not certain who the culprit was, although it's usually my girls' cat Puff.  Puff is a very easy going, lazy Himalayan/Ragdoll cross breed.  He really is a sweet cat, and they can do most anything with him.  Exhibit A: 

I steam cleaned for about 1/2 hour to remove these unpleasantries, but now that the carpet has dried, I'm not sure they are fully gone. :(  That is not something that you want partially there, so I may get husband and his full industrial strength steam cleaner to attack tomorrow.  The girls and I are going to the state north of us for a show.  Outside.  In the heat.  Supposed to be 101.

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