Monday, June 18, 2012

Today was hot.  Really hot.  As in broke a record-so-damn hot.  We took the girls to the pool today, my oldest brought a friend, and the littlest met a friend.  We were there for 3 hours with my friend who won't get in the water (boooo!) and it was HOT.  I-hate-summer hot.  It is so draining to just be outside in this-luckily we found shade, and it wasn't so bad if you didn't move.  But if you did-HOT.  Reminded me of the seven years that we spent in Arizona!  We arrived home to find our house 83 degrees on the lower floor, and much hotter upstairs.  Husband came home and checked out the unit, only to find it frozen.  So we had to turn that off for a while, and let it thaw out.  We will have to bring someone in to check things out for sure!  Husband felt really bad that the house was warm, so he decided around 9:00 to take the kids out for ice cream.  Oldest's friend was not hungry, and couldn't understand how anyone could be at this hour!  While out I found out that she normally goes to bed at 9, which  isn't too surprising since she has to be at swim team at 7.  I felt really bad.  This child (and her family) will probably put us on the crazy list after this. :(

Tomorrow is my Daddy's bday!  So nice that we are all close by and can celebrate together.  I got him a funny sign that says, "I'm retired.  Stop asking me to do things!"  HA!

I have some things more related to the blog that I am looking forward to writing about, but I wanted to just do a regular update too.  I have to go to court on Weds. :(  Not looking forward to that at all!  I had a fender bender in early May that was my fault-the other driver had no damage at all to their car, and my damage was $1,500, but he called the police and I got a ticket.

Oh well!  Is it officially summer yet?

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