Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Failed attempt at Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread

Today I was in the mood to cook! The fires are really bad outside, and I didn't feel right taking two girls with mild asthma swimming. So we stayed home all day, they played, and I cooked! I had no interruptions-dance class was cancelled due to the air quality, and I didn't have to pick up anyone from school. One of the things that I have been dying to make is Reese's peanut butter cups banana bread (from cookiesandcups.com). I have a standby recipe for banana bread that I absolutely love, and this recipe closely resembles it. However, I have had a few problems in the past with over cooking it. I found that I have to just take it out at exactly one hour regardless of how the bread looks. Otherwise, it is overcooked and dry. :( So I applied the same logic to this recipe. The result? Maybe not a total failure! It did taste really good! I took it out after an hour and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, I attempted to do what I normally do with banana bread. I dump it out onto a plate, then flip it over to cool. When I did this, it fell apart into 3 big pieces. I attempted to get a spatula and try to piece it back together-then it really fell apart! I ended up taking a clean cooled loaf pan and throwing it back in. Aside from my family laughing at my ugly dessert, they did enjoy it. If I were planning to attend a party or having my relatives over like last weekend, I would have been devastated. No way I could have served it. (Kind of reminds me of my attempt at making brownie pops-similar issues!) But since we were just hanging out at home, we'll call it a save.