Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am having a hard time adjusting to this school business!  My girls started Tuesday (? why?), and I got an email during the day that my poor Lu would have to attend dance class that night.  They are not used to getting up early, so they were toast, and then to add a championship class onto the day?  Best part, my daughter is 10, and the other kids are high school and college, with the exception of a 13 1/2 year old.  Class runs 7:00 - 8:45, 15 min before she normally goes to bed.   But she did it, and she did not stick out.  I watched the end of class and she was confident and looking good!  I was so glad!  Today went a little smoother, but the evening was a disaster!  My husband is in the middle of his first batch of home brew, and he needed the girls to help him bottle and pour.  It went way too late-my oldest showered in time for bed, but my youngest did not.  My oldest was also working on homework way past her bedtime, and little one was watching TV with Dad at 9:40.  Not a fun night-I don't like being the mean one yelling at everyone.  But COME ON PEOPLE! 

I spent a lot of today laying down.  I took my male cats to the vet this morning then found myself completely exhausted.  Hope I'm not getting sick-I think it's just the transition to having to wake early!

We have to go out of state this weekend for an irish dance competition.  I hope it is worthwhile, because at this point I'm wondering what in the heck I was thinking signing them up-first weekend after school starting?????  Oh well!  I'm still lamenting the end of summer. :(

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  1. I'm not in the school groove yet either. Your girls are sooo beautiful. :)