Sunday, August 5, 2012

I was inpsired by Angie over at Echoes of Laughter to make a Clafouti.  We had some fresh strawberries in the house, and husband had made some fresh vanilla ice cream.  So I had to!  There was an interruption issue involving sugar and the telephone, so I can't be completely sure that I followed the directions carefully.  I don't think that I put enough sugar in, and I put way too much lemon zest!  This was my first time ever zesting (I did not enjoy it!  My niece was supposed to be here to do it show me how, but she had to go home.) :(  The Caflouti turned out beautiful, and was snarfed down quickly.

I would definitely like to make it again, this time with less zest and the right amount of sugar!  The family enjoyed it, so thank you Angie!

We also went to the County Fair here locally.  The weather was actually BELOW 90! (woot, woot) and we had a good time.  Saw lots of animals, rode a few rides, had some treats....good stuff!  My niece rode a scary ride for the first time--that was really cool! She loved it and now I want to take her to an amusement park where she can ride some even better rides!

School starts early here, and we only have 2 weeks left. :(  It has gone by so fast!  I'm not ready for early morning, homework, projects and packing lunches.  Ugh.  I generally enjoy my kids being around, so there's that too. :(   I am however, ready for the HOT non-stop days to GO AWAY.  I'm already looking forward to bringing out my pumkins and fall decorations.

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  1. I don't see a recipe for the caflouti on your site or do i get it? looks delicious!