Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Trying to make the most of the time we have left in this month.  Luckily I did some decorating before I got sick!  But tonight, it is snowing.  We had to bring in all of the potted plants, the pumpkins....what a pain!  Unfortunately, it's not enough to amount to anything, you know like missing school!  So that means that tomorrow morning around 6:30, I will be out there cleaning off my car in the snow.  Pie has to be at school at 7 and we will need to leave a little early to be safe.  She also has an orchestra concert tomorrow night-it should still be snowing after that, so my Mom won't be able to drive and go with us. :(  Too early for this!  The good news is that I have seen the forecast for Halloween and it isn't bad - 62 is the high for the day so hopefully they won't freeze when they are out trick-or-treating.  This year my oldest (12) is going in our old neighborhood with a big group of friends, and at our insistence, a parent.  Our 10 year old is going in our current neighborhood with some friends and my husband.  Very weird that I will be staying home this year!  We spent about $20 on candy-we have a pretty big neighborhood and so many kids!  Hopefully we won't run out. 

I'm meeting with some friends tomorrow to figure out how we are going to plan the 5th grade Halloween party.  I hope that it will be fun with this being Lu's last year of elementary school. 

Also hoping that we get around to doing our pumpkins Sunday night.  Pie is going to a dance at jr high Friday night, Saturday they have 4 hours of dance, then off to be with family, and Sunday 2 hrs of dance, 2 hrs travel time.  It's just not enough time!

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